Friday, February 12, 2016

It's The Weekend!!!

And it most definitely is Winter.  Tomorrow morning, when we wake up it is going to be frigid, like around 3 degrees, but at least there will be sun.  And a bit of cold is not going to keep me from heading out to 30 30 Coffee for knitting with the Knit Wits.  I'll just throw on a sweater, my heavy coat, a nice scarf and some mittens to keep me warm.

Then, Sunday, a bit of snow is rolling in a range of 1-2 or 3-5 or well, whatever.  At that point, I'll be sitting in my chair watching it with a cuppa by my side and knitting in my hands.  I am hoping to put the finishing touches on the Open Sky Shawl this weekend for Hospice, because I have another lap blanket in my brain that I am so excited to knit on.  Possibly, on Sunday or Monday, I can show it to you in what is on what is off the needles this week.

On some down time at work today, I started making some knitting bucket lists on scrap paper.  I've accumulated a few of these scraps that are taken up residency next to my chair and I think it may be time to corral them into some sort of a journal.  My mind immediately flew to shopping for a journal for just this purpose (like I don't already have multiple notebooks that could serve this purpose??!)  Like bags and shoes, I have notebooks, and I am wondering, what about you all?  Are you too a collector of notebooks?  And if you are, which ones do you like the best?  And where can I get one?  :)

 Or is it just me, this compulsive collector?  Just wondering.  Have a great weekend, stay warm and lets knit the weekend away!

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