Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's On The Needles This Week?

Open Sky Shawl is STILL on the needles.  I really thought/wanted this one to be done and blocking by now, but I found an error just as I finished a lace section and had to rip it back.  UGH and Ugh!  But, today, after spending some time on it knitting at lunch at The Fiber Universe, it is back on track and I can work some more on it tonight, while watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

While I was giving Open Sky a bit of a time out, I cast on another Heavenly Heathers afghan for Hospice.  I love this pattern and am giving some real thought to doing it for my assistant's daughter's wedding in June only in beige and seafoam.

This one is from the stash and leftovers from baby blankets last year as was the Open Sky Shawl.  It is going to be red, white and navy.  The Tall Guy actually said he liked at last night when he saw me add the cream to it.

Then, there is this wild hair.  I've been seeing on Ravelry, several of these scrap sock yarn blankets and I said to myself, "hey, self, you have some scraps, how about knitting one of these for a yet to be named purpose".  I cast on this first block a couple of times and I am going to cast it on one more time, on a size three needle to see if I want to go just a tad bit larger.

I coerced my friend Becky to giving me some of her leftovers, so I may have a few more to add to.  This could be kind of fun in and odd sort of way.  It will take some time to complete, but I am okay with that, and I have a nice bag that I can keep them in as I work on it.

And that concludes this week's, what's on the needles.  What's on your needles??

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