Friday, February 26, 2016

Finally Finished Friday

Yea!!  Not only am I on vaca until Wednesday, but I am winging my way to Galena for the Annual Prairie Knit Wits Knit Away.

But, before I head out, I've got finished objects to show.

The Heavenly Heathers Hospice Blanket.

 This pattern is my go to baby blanket pattern these days (for non-related babies), but this is my second one for Hospice.  I just love the way you can add to colors to other colors and come up with
different each time.

I'm half tempted to start another one only as a wrap and use some other colors of Pacific with it.

Also, on the finally finished list is Open Sky Shawl.  This one is for Hospice as well and was delivered there yesterday.

Next up, Miss Mona Lisa's big girl blanket.

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