Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Finds!

 It was a good mail week this week.  A little something I'm going to in October.

And when I open up the box, look how neatly packaged it is.  Don't you just love the cool ways things are coming packaged these days?!

 And what is under the tissue, well this new Fat Squirrel Bag is to dye for and the yarn, oy, I can hardly wait to wind and start it, but I can't because first, I gotta get some socks off the needles. Or at least one sock…

Surprise!  Another sock yarn!  But, this one I have been eyeballing for sometime…when it is knit up, it looks like a pencil with an eraser.

And finally, my fave find this week.  Janine's, aka feralknitter, book that has been years in the making came in the mail this week.  Oy, this a fantastic book!  Janine is a color expert extraordinaire and oh her fair isle work is unbelievable…Move over Alice, you've got competition!

Happy Friday All!  Hope you find some great things in your mailbox this week!

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