Thursday, September 01, 2016

Because I Have No Self Control

I've been waiting for a few things to make their way to PJKnits so I could post about all the things that I just had to have.

This one is for Hospice and is going to be a take off on the Heavenly Heathers Blanket, only I am not going to Heather them.  But….it cannot be started until the Vet Blanket is finished.  No, really it cannot!

Also jumping into my pile is this subtle variegate with a sparkle to it.  The shawl is going to be Snow Prints, I believe.  I just had to cast on as you can see from pic.  It is super soft and I am going to just love it when it is done, down the road.

When I got Carol Sunday's newsletter last Friday, I knew I was ordering her Seacoast Stole - new color way  and the pattern to go with it.  I just need to make some time to get it going.

My new SucreSucre Miniatures arrived.  They were for a friend's  birthday, but it took almost a month to get them.   I just love these gems, but man, it is not a fast ship.  And I thought I requested stitch markers and not progress keepers.  I ordered on July 31, they shipped on the 13th from California, and finally made there way to my mailbox two days shy of a month.   I've decided to keep them for myself.

And because I cannot pass up a Snoopy bag, I ordered this one from Molly Klein Design.  It is going to house some nice Fall type knitting in it!

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