Saturday, September 03, 2016

Unofficial End To Summer?

Word is Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end to Summer, even though the calendar says Fall doesn't start until September 22nd.  But, if you are a knitter, you really got to start thinking about Fall/Winter knitting right now, you know in order to have them done, when the weather brings with the "real, official" end to Summer.

And you might think that the Summer of Shawls is over here at Chez PJKnits, but no, we will just extend it into what I like to call Fall for Shawls!  

My mailbox was full of Fall Clothing Catalogs today, a sure sign of Fall and I've got a couple of things earmarked to maybe buy.

On the way home from knitting today, I made a side stop to do a bit of shopping for some things I can wear to work this Fall.  (I'm getting kind of tired of my Summer wardrobe).  What I came home with is not what I thought I would, but still some nice additions.  Which really got me to thinking about my Fall Shawl wardrobe and what I need to be knitting on that I can wear with some of the things I have in my wardrobe.

When I got home, I decided to get a plan on possibilities for Fall Shawls just to see what I may still need for the wardrobe ---

Multanomah - this shirt and shawl is perfect for blue jeans and casual Fridays.

Quicksilver by Melanie Berg out of Sun Valley Fiber Yarns.

A Liberty Wool Shawl, pattern by Jaala Spiro back a few years.  I sense the Teal top is going to get a work out.

But, the same shawl can go for a while over the Limey top.

I am sensing I should have bought a couple of the Teal tops.  Because this new yarn is going to work so well with it!

See what I mean!  Here's another shawl for the Teal Top.  Okay, Okay, I can hear you readers, "maybe you ought to knit something besides teal.  Black is always an option for both this one and the one above.

But, hey, I gotta new teal bag…I got to get some mileage out of it!

The Bermuda Shawl has multiple options for Fall!  Maybe,  I ought to look at the stash and see what else could go with these tops.  Or stop buying these tops!

The cream top will be perfect for the Dinner at the Eiffel Tower shawl for Fall.

The white will go with the Folio Shawl.

And in progress is The Fog shawl, which I'm gonna love wearing over the Aqua top.

It looks like I may have this Fall Wardrobe thing under wraps, you know when it gets here.

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Nancy said...

Love this post! We know that one cannot own too much teal, aqua or turquoise--and--one much buy such when available.