Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Finds

I do not know what I was thinking when I ordered the small set of these Feliz Navidad Stripes from Knit Circus.  But, I love em.

I thought I would get them in time and I could whip up one sock for Christmas wearing this year (since that is all I am able to wear right now).  I got them in time, but the small set will not make two socks.  I headed over to Ravelry, thinking I would make the Turkish Bed Socks, or a small ankle cuff sock, but, then decided I was not going to settle, I would just put these two away and maybe knit something for one of the grandkids next year.

And then…. Eureka!  I went to Knit Circus, they only had small sets left and I bought one and on sale to boot.  I'll take my two above and make my one sock and after Christmas, I'll knit another from the other two skeins for next year.  The gradient stripes will be a little different than shown on their website, but I'll have what I want.

The Christmas knitting is all about me today.

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