Thursday, December 29, 2016

It's Thursday -

which means it is time for my weekly doctor visit.  I am going to just put it out there, I'm a bit nervous, heck, I am not a bit nervous, I am totally over the edge nervous.  Today, the pins come out of the two toes and at last week's visit, she said "take a pain pill before you come next week".  Which I said to the Tall Guy - "that means she is going to hurt me"!

I have total faith in my doctor and really like her, mostly because she had me pegged from the very first post-op visit - "you are a tense person, aren't you?"  She is the first physician/dentist ever that gets me.  Maybe, she had an inkling, when during my surgery, instead of just using the twilight sleep meds to put me under, they ended up putting me totally under because the legs and feet wouldn't stay still even in the twilight sleep.

That all aside, I am so ready to have the pins out so I can start maybe taking a real shower and venturing up to the yarn room to visit my yarn and maybe even a short trip to some knitting, BUT, there is still the unknown of just how much this is going to hurt, thank the good lord, there only two pins.

I am taking my knitting along as generally, it takes her awhile to get into see me after they take off the dressings, I am just hoping today, she remembers how tense of a person I am, and doesn't take too long to get in and yank those things out and get me out of there!

Send good vibes my way will you this afternoon?  Catch you on the purl side!

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