Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!

This is another unusual Christmas Eve for us.  The Tall Guy and I are just hanging out at home, but tomorrow, we will venture out in the 50 degree weather and rain to his sister's house to celebrate.

I'm doing well with the foot.  In a week, the pins will be out.  For now, I am hobbling around in the boot, sometimes with a crutch, early mornings with the walker, and at the end of the day, I am going solo, me, the boot and the good foot.

I've got some movies that I DVRed to hang out with this Christmas Eve:
White Christmas
A Christmas Carol - the 1954 version
Babes in Toyland
Little Women
and anything else I can find on the various channels we have.

I'll pop some Christmas coffee in the pot and have a couple of cuppas to sit with, watch my movies and stay up as late as I can (because I can make it into bed on my own now).

It may be an unusual Christmas this year, but the Tall Guy and I are so blessed right now. 

 We have two great sons who have turned into the best men.  Baby Boy A is the best father to our wonderful grandchildren, and Baby Boy B, an uncle who is much loved by his niece and nephew.  Currently, Baby Boy B is dating a lovely young woman who can hold her own against this clan and him as well. 

 The Tall Guy and I both are healthy and look forward to many years together, hopefully retiring in 4-5 years and just enjoying life.  

I have a great support of friends at work and in knitting.  The Knit Wits are my best friends, always looking out for each other and always ready to support each other along the way.  We laugh with each other, cry with each other, take knitting vacations together, eat well together, and encourage each other to buy more YARN!!!

I would be so remiss as to not mention how much the Hospice Knitters also are such a big part of my life and blessings.  I've missed being with them the past weeks, but am looking forward to be back knitting with them twice a month at the Hospice Home as soon as I am able to drive.  What am amazing group of women!  From our fearless leader Victoria who formed this group, hoping for 4 or 5 women and got more than 30 to come twice a month, to the front desk volunteer who always greets us with a smiling face, to each and every knitter who knits and crochets shawl after shawl, blanket after blanket, not knowing who the recipient will be or what their circumstance has been, I am truly blessed to be in their company!

In the grand scheme of things, we are so blessed at this Christmas season and though we often take it for granted, sometimes, you need to be on one foot, just to see how blessed and lucky one really is.  I hope not just now, but in the months to come, I remember just how blessed I truly am.

My wish for you dear readers, that you are equally blessed and pray and hope for continued good health, fun, laughter and lots of yarny goodness in the new year.  Merry Christmas Eve to you all!!

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