Monday, July 24, 2017

Hap Blocking

One of the nicest/giving knitters, designers and business people you will ever meet is Denise of Lost City Knits.  Not only do I love her yarns, but she is a wealth of info.  Chris, the other half of Lost City Knits built her a Hap Shawl Blocker and well, I may have bought one that I need to bring home from Stitches Midwest because I see a lot of Haps in my future.

Denise graciously consented to traveling with one or two ( the second one she donated to the raffle, and no I didn't win, hence the reason mine will be at Stitches Midwest) and she gave us a blocking demo on Friday night using Linda C's shawl.  Here are some pics which makes the whole process so much easier than trying to do it on the floor or a bed.

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