Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sunday Sundries

Back to bloggin.  It has been quite the week!

On the 4th, my brother, we will call him ZZ, had emergency bypass surgery.  It has been a rough week for him and  my sister-in-law, but we are hopeful that this new week will bring him back to being his cranky and witty self.  Positive thoughts and vibes.

In between that and work, our fiscal year end, fiscal year beginning, a budget finally and all of the things that one needs to do to prepare for the annual trek to Marshfield for Knit Camp (why yes, I've known for a year that I would be going), it has been a bit of a stressful time.

And my knitting has been less than cooperative, but thank goodness for Denise at Lost City Knits!  She is going to bail me out of my predicament and has dyed some yarn for me.  I was 70 stitches shy of finishing my Lerwick Harbour Hap Shawl border (the border that never ends, but is so cool) when I ran out of yarn!

I knew it may be a crap shoot, the whole time I was knitting the border.  And I should have planned a bit better a couple of weeks ago and asked if she could dye me some more.  But, I lived dangerously.
For a moment in time, I thought I had it licked, because my friend Jay had given me some of the same color way in Denise's silk.  I gave it the college try, but could just not pull it off next to the merino.

And yes, this was to be my show and tell for camp and yes, I did wait, as I am want to do, until the very last minute with a carefully planted timeline of how it all could be blocking on the bed upstairs yesterday.  Ah well, I am not going to say live and learn, cause obviously, that is not something I do well.  Very Big Grin!

But, this last week's highlight is this beauty!  Our new grand dog, Kane.  Baby Boy B adopted him on Friday from TAPS, our local no kill animal center and brought him by.  He was all over the house and even made it to the yarn room, where I figured that he would find the bestest wool as Nickel did many years ago.

He has a great temperament and the most gorgeous eyes and we cannot be happier for our son.  He has always wanted a dog and now he has just what he wants.  

Happy Sunday All!  Let us make it a good one!

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