Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The View From My Seat

The last several years I've become quite lazy when it comes to taking pictures.  And honestly, the group as a whole does not do the whole camera thing these days, rather using our iPhone cameras to capture photos that we want to keep for us.  Each year I get a little bit lazy when it comes to taking pictures as well, but here are a few random photos from my chair.

When you sit in the same spot, you tend to see what those around you are buying or intend to buy.  Denise picked out these three colors and had them sitting within my view.  So, naturally, I had to ask Denise to dye me something similar in her yarn for another hap.

Denise is going to knit this vest that Meg designed and knit.  It was a perfect fit!!

Not only was this sweater of Meg's right on top of all the sweaters, but it is in my colors of course.  I did not buy the yarn for it, but will kick it around for later.

Leanne and Linda were deep in conversation on Sunday when I captured this picture.  Leanne is wearing a simp version of the Faroese Shawl that makes me think some yarn I bought later in the day, may just have to be one.  I so like the way the Faroese Shawl sits on shoulders.

And of course, since Denise sits directly across for me, I had to snap a pic of her Lerwick Harbour Hap Shawl while she was wearing it.

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