Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What's On The Needles This Week

I'm becoming a bit of a monogamous knitter these days! This week's on the needles is from the new book Minnesota 52 that I have blogged about before.  The pattern is Friendship Road .

This knit is a pretty straight forward knit, round and round with just a couple of things to keep you from totally vegging out on the knit. 

The bag in the background is going to house my knits while in progress from the book.  Cori and Megan's company name is Knit Cahoots, so I thought it was an apt bag to use.  The bag is from a local bag maker to me, Nicole doing business as Trappings and Trinkets.  She has an etsy shop that can be found Trappings and Trinkets    or my local yarn shop, The Fiber Universe in Peoria also carries her bags.

I am living on a wing and prayer with the yarn on this knit.  I seem to have lost a ball somewhere in the yarn room and am hoping to find it before the knit is complete.  I know it is somewhere, just need to find it.

I've done some mods to the pattern.  I am using a larger gauge than the pattern suggests, from the cast on through just below the bust, then switching to a couple of sizes smaller through the rib cage and waist, about 4 inches.  After that, I will go back to the larger size needle for the hip and ribbing.  I won't make this as long as the pattern calls for, tunic length, instead opting for a more flattering measurement for me.  And the fact that I will have limited yarn supply in the dye lot as well.

The pattern calls for A-line decreases, but I am creating my own with the change in needle sizes.  A hint that I learned from Cheryl Oberle, years ago with her Knitted Jacket book.  I have knit an A-Line before and was not happy with the look on me, I need less flare at the bottom to accentuate the lovely hips that I have.

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