Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's A New Year - For Me!

Every July, my knitting camp roomie, KCR, and I make our annual trek to Wisconsin.  It's a five hour drive, give or take, and we talk almost non-stop about knitting.  KCR has aptly named it the start of our knitting new year.  There are so many great knitting ideas running through our brains that we cannot wait to get home and start putting them into our queues.  We start plotting and planning next year's show and tell and vow that we will have some kick butt SNT and have so many new knits to wear that we will have to switch them out at night when we go out to dinner!

At work, July 1st signifies a new fiscal year.  Thank goodness in Illinois, we finally have a budget, but that aside, the fiscal year for the departments I manage is a night mare getting everything resolved for the closing fiscal year and getting all the many things set up for the new fiscal year.  This year in August, we have added work because the first time ever, we will be getting the first year medical students along with a few days later, the second year medical students who will be coming to be future physicians.

Earlier this month, my brother had some serious health issues.  He is better, but this is still a life changing moment for  him that we somewhat  were just waiting for, given the health history on our father's side.  A very sobering moment occurred amongst all of this when Baby Boy B inquired as to whether I had a check up for these issues yet.  Of course, I eased his mind and mine a bit recalling that I had a fairly extensive check up last Fall before the foot surgery.

But, lets be honest, I need to lose some weight and get back to a bit more exercise, one can only do the cop out of foot surgery for so long.  After 8 months, its time to do a bit more.  Typically, these are the kinds of things you think about around January and not July.  But again, the more I look at  life, I really like this whole July as a new year thingy.  So, what I have done today is compiled a list of my new year want tos, both knitting and non-knitting related.  What the hey, better late than never.

My Knitting New Year:
Shawls - finish some
WIPS - continue to fish or cut bait
Knit, Fit and Flatter
Fair Isle including Helsinki Sweater and Shallmillens
Kick But Show and Tell for all events, but also for GP (general practice)
Wear my knits that are gonna fit
Document my stash
Knit some stash

My Non-Knitting New Year
Lose Weight
Exercise More
Take lunch hours, eat something other than the apple and peanut butter, get away from my desk, maybe    knit or read a book
Better sleeping habits - ok, that may be a little ambitious
Cull the wardrobe - get rid of stuff that is not being worn, is not flattering or has seen better days
Find some shoes for work
Read more

And finally, "Be Happy", enjoy each day even though I gotta work (hey, work lets me do the fun things), smile and laugh at nothing in particular and knit as much as possible on things I want to knit.

Catch you on the purl side -  :)

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