Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Show And Tell

Every year we have a calendar that the two Lindas take pictures for.  Since there are always so many great views of everything, my Show and Tell is a bit light, rather taking just the ones I want to immediately have access to.

Jane and her shadow work.  Every year, she has at least one piece of shadow work.  This year, Albert Einstein.  There are no words for these masterpieces.  Just ooo…ahhh.

Poppy is modeling Victoria's Show and Tell.  The Icelandic Overblouse.  A new take on it in three versions.  This sweater has been on my list  for a couple of years and I like all of these new versions.

Betts has a new pattern coming out later this year through Schoolhouse Press and this may just entice me.

Holly's shawl picture does not do it justice,  but not just the color but the hand of the shawl was so very nice.

Just a few of the many beauties that were shown during Show and Tell over every day of camp.

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