Thursday, August 10, 2017

From My Library

For some time now, I've blogged about some hand issues that I have had.  They are much better now, but still troublesome when it comes to opening jars and bottles.  My undiagnosed opinion is that it is due to knitting, computing, mousing and well, maybe a wee bit of age too.

Several years back, Carson Demeris, the author of this book attended Knitting Camp and gave us a quick version of some techniques for sitting in our chairs and knitting.  I failed the attempt miserably then, but in hindsight perhaps I should have heeded his warning.

Since then, I've heard Carson being interviewed by a couple of podcasters about his book.  The last one I heard him interviewed on was the Knitmore Girls where he went into depth on several things knitters can do to prevent all sorts of issues.  

Last weekend when we were at Stitches, my friend Jay took a class from him on chairs, which reminded me once again about his book.  As luck would have it, one of the vendors had copies and I picked one up.

This was a bit pricey of book some may say, but for me, it is well worth the cost.  Carson has truly researched and called upon his vast knowledge of physical therapy to author an extensive book that encompasses everything from head to toe.

I am slowly working my way through it, and the way to use my mouse at work was worth the price itself.

I am glad to have it in my Library!

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