Thursday, December 29, 2005

11 Days of Christmas Update

I know you have been on pins and needles waiting. Quite often, I have pondered why I blog. Yes, I have a few who might read it and see what I am up to, but I think I finally hit it on the head. This is my journal. Knit mostly, but also other things occasionally. The blog will never make the "best" ever contest, but for me it is fun. It gives me a chance to be funny (yea, right), write what I want (well not really, cause sometimes, you don't want friends and family to know everything, just in case they happen upon the blog in a search), and test out web design (okay, I don't think I will ever get that!) I think that takes a whole series of classes!

Okay, now for the update of 11 Days of Christmas. Is it Thursday already? 5 days and I have to go back to work. The work schedule in January brings something every week (several doctors appt for the tall guy, just check ups, and the colonoscopy for me) and then factor in Martin Luther King off and lia sophia meeting in Chicago at the end of the next week. Before you know it, it will be February! And the radio station will be going to Mexico and I will be sitting here.

Oh, sorry an update. It's going well! Yesterday was knit day and as you can see below, I can multi task. Knitting, copying music t my new MP3 player, and dubbing some knit tapes to DVD at the same time. I think I'll do a little more dubbing today and knit until I have wheels at my disposal. I still have 6 things on my list (hey, #1 had several parts to it and I hope to have it along with the errands ran as soon as my kid gets home with the car.

This is what retirement is like huh?

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