Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Know I Say This Almost Every Christmas

But this was a good Christmas. Since my mom stopped having Christmas, and comes to our house at noon and to my brother's that night, things have been so much calmer. The morning is fast and furious, but along about 4:00, we can sit back and enjoy the calmness and the holiday. Who knows how long this will all last, but it sure is nice for now. Part of it could be that there is no work the next day too. Here's a little of the Christmas morning fun at our house.

And this is my present. The tall guy always manages to surprise me. I never would have asked for this MP3 player. But boy do I love it (at least what I can figure out so far). The clarity of the sound is unreal.

And the 11 days of Christmas are dwindling, but I am having so much fun, I am just like a kid out of school. Today, I slept all the way to 8:45! I haven't done that forever!

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