Saturday, December 31, 2005

I Have Become A Junky!

Of what?

Of t.v. crime shows. Yesterday, was the SVU Marathon, today Criminal Intent. I sat most of the day and watched the ones I hadn't seen. It was great for knitting. I finally had to get a shower around 2 but was back in my chair around 3 continuing my habit.

Of blogs. Everyday, I have a list of blogs that I regularly check in on. With the holidays, not everybody has been posting as regularly, so some I have just been checking out periodically. Last night, I happened upon a new site (referred by Zenneedle). The new site turned me onto something new. Podcasts. This podcast is about knitting. You can download them to your computer and listen to them, or do as I did and add it to my new MP3Player and listen to it at my leisure. It's interesting and a whole new mode. This particular one is by Brenda Dayne. Can't tell you a whole lot, cause I fell asleep listening last night, but she has some great music intermingled with her talking about stuff. Kind of reminds me of books on tape. I never could fully stay awake while listening to them. But the music is so different than what I have ever heard that I find myself wanting to investigate it a little further. This MP3 has me intrigued and now I see myself being sucked into using it while waiting at appointments, at lunch when I want to be myself, at night when I have seen all of the episodes of crime shows. My family has created yet another monster.

Of Knitting. There is even an ipod mitted pattern that I printed off last night. I am going to try and adapt it to a thicker and narrower MP3 player. Okay, I am going over the edge, but I like it. Speaking of over the edge, can you guess what this is?It is NOT a medical procedure, that's all the hint I am giving you.

As I have mentioned several times this past week, I have totally enjoyed this time off. I read on a blog last night, how someone else out there has been just like me, and finally figured out yesterday that she needed to actually get dressed in somenthing other than sweat pants and do something. That's me today. I am actually going to get a shower, and get out of the pjs before noon. I gotta run some errands before they close down for New Years Eve. I will actually eat right starting today and stop trying to trick my stomach into behaving badly. So far, this past week it has acted a little normal. I wonder if it is Lactose Intolerance. Does that come on all of a sudden? Hmmm.

Tomorrow, I WILL get up at my regular time and act like a human being and go to bed at the normal time too. That way, come Tuesday, I will be ready when I have to go back to work. But until then, it is still the holiday, and I got a whole day of Criminal Intent I can knit by. And of course, I need to make my New Year's Knit Resolutions.

Be safe out there tonight! Better yet, do like we are! Stay in and enjoy good company!

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