Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Weather Is Like My Knitting

It's snowed again, and this afternoon it is suppose to rain and who knows what that will bring as far as driving conditions. That's how my Twisted Sisters knitting goes. Always changing, never knowing which way it is going to go. I have been working on the Desdemona all weekend long until I hit a snag. Between my knitting and the pattern, something is just not right. I checked the website for corrections and there were some, but nothing that I couldn't handle. So back to knitting it, and it just isn't making sense. So after a couple of nights, I picked up the Pyth jacket, and said what the heck keep knitting on it and see where it goes. I really liked it better anyway.

Maybe I ought just put both of them away and knit on something else, ya know, just ignore them both....but I have imposed on no new yarn (read as big yarn) purchases until the Twisted Sisters is done in some shape or form!

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