Friday, December 23, 2005

The Eleven Days of Christmas

You read it right. I have 11 days of Christmas. That is I have 11 whole days OFF! Yes, that includes weekends and holidays, but I'm counting em. And of course, in keeping with my never ending list making, I have compiled 11 things I ABSOLUTELY want to accomplish!

Here is my list!
1- lia sophia tax stuff ready, lia returns ready to go back, lia sophia newsletter for January/February ready and the website updated
2- Some post xmas knitting projects complete (can't tell you what it is, cause they are a surprise for some people I know)
3- My knitting tapes converted to DVD
4- 2004/2005 lia sophia customer/hostess data base update and complete (okay this may take a while, but at least have it started or maybe just set up)
5- A Retirement Party kind of sort of Planned at least the invites ready to go
6- Finish Harry Potter or at least read some more of it
7- My knit camp project decided and maybe started
8- Stuff around the house, like cleaned, xmas put away (once it over and back to normal) and my snowmen/knitting themed stuff back up. And my yarn cabinets back in the living room out of the boys room
9- Digital Pics off of the disk and onto CD and printed
10- lia sophia new jewelry order ready, along with some clean up of what is being discontinued
11- And last a couple of errands ran, which means I actually have to get dressed and out on the streets in the next 11 days

Looks like alot of lia stuff, but I have been letting it slide a bit, and I need to take advantage of the time to get ready for next year! What I didn't mention in my 11 days of Christmas is that every day will involve KNITTING! Every single day and that includes Christmas itself! I love it, could it be any better? Well, yes, it could, I could be sitting on a beach somewhere KNITTING!

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