Sunday, December 11, 2005

I Accomplished A Couple of Things Yesterday

Got my tree up and wrapped presents. And I hate wrapping presents.

Finished this Carumba scarf. This is scarf #27 this season. It is so soft and comfy feeling. The recepient is Maria at work. She had this cool orange sweater on Friday and I told her how this scarf was hers once it was finished. It looked so neat up against the orange.

This is what watches me at my computer until after Christmas. I brought out a few more decorations yesterday. And thought this is a perfect place for this stuffed animal my mom bought me sometime ago. She likes shopping for these things and I am getting quite a collection of them. I am running out of places to put them.

Late last night and today, I am working on the Desdemona Jacket from Twisted Sisters. Will report more on that later next week.

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