Monday, December 05, 2005

I Love This Poof Stuff!

This is like the 4th scarf I have used Poof with Encore Chunky to knit them with. The pattern is just 26 stitches in a K2 P2 rib on a size 13 needle. The combo of this particular one reminds me of those Bun candy bars that were my favorite as a kid. The Encore and the poof are so soft together. This particular scarf finished out with about 58 inches long. I used 1 1/2 balls of each. I had a tad bit left on each one, so I started a smaller version on 18 stitches with K2P2 rib. But ran out after about 12 inches, so I am thinkin I might have to get one more ball of the Brown Encore to finish off the poof and the scarf.

This scarf is for one of the gals I work with. I think I am done with the actual scarf present knitting. I am not finished with my holiday knitting, but the scarves that I absolutely have to have done are done!

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