Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sometimes, you need to just stand back and let it veg!

After finishing the tunic, and in between another project I am working on, I decided to start working again on the Twisted Sisters Yarn. It was a major investment AND I want to do the Mermaid Jacket from Hanne Falkenberg, but it is another MAJOR investment and I cannot do it until the Twisted Sisters is complete in one form or another. I started the Pyth Jacket sometime ago with modifications and as some will remember it just was not working out. So I left it and started Desdemona. This is where it is. And I am just not sold on it.

So, I laid the three out on the couch and let it sit all day Saturday, walkin by and trying to decide what to do. The far right is my finished Pyth in another yarn with added bands for length. The middle is the new Pyth with modifications. Problem is the back comes all the way to where the front is. And there is no real solution for this unless I modify the front too. The left one is Desdemona with three colors and I just don't like it.

So I threw it on the dining table late last night and decided I would deal with it today. Then, this morning or last night in bed, I thought what if I take the colors of the Pyth jacket and put them into Desdemona? The result is here this morning, I just laid Pyth next to Desdemona. I like it! I just hope I have enough purple to do it.

Sometimes, it pays to let it sit or take a picture and put it on the big screen to see how it really looks. Now, I am ready to proceed, cause I want to do that Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid Jacket!

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