Sunday, November 06, 2005

I know that Winter is coming~~~

I remember as a child that the weather on my birthday was cold and usually windy with a little bit of precipation. I can remember walking home from school, in my big gray fur coat with black buttons anticipating the night ahead and the fact that the next day was Veteran's Day (no school) and I would have the whole day after to play with my birthday stuff!

But, this last week and next week seems to be a little different. Weather is the upper 60s? So, we have been given a repreive, but this morning I am back working on the Tunic sweater. My anticipated deadline for it is this Friday night. I am hoping to have the sleeves completed (which will finish it), but the real thought is if I need any more yarn to complete it I could run over to Morton and pick up more yarn on Saturday after I do my stint at the Women's Lifestyle Event (Booth 136) in the morning.

I may even get to wear the tunic this Fall before the real weather sets in!

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