Monday, November 21, 2005

The Pink Yarn That Refuses To Be Knit

Last year in the Fall I bought this pink Encore Bulky yarn for a small poncho. When I finished it, I just did not like it so I cut the yarn, and threw the poncho away and kept the leftover. Then, I started knitting with a lime version of the same yarn with a strand of Plymouth Poof. I liked the lime so much and I still had two and 1/2 skeins left of the pink, so I went back to the yarn shop about this same time last year and bought poof to go with it.

So now, I am knitting a scarf like the lime one (which I gave away), and it would appear that I am not going to use it all up! I think I am still going to have a ball left and some poof to go with it! This pink just will not let me knit it all up! It wants to live! It's starting to annoy me now!

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