Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm having a pretty good week.

This is night two that I have got to come straight home! And tomorrow I get to too. Did not get to knit on the tunic sweater last night, I read instead and worked on doing some lia sophia business. Tonight, I knit on it a bit but, man those sleeves have a long way to go to get just one done!! I don't think my time line of Saturday morning is going to be met, but one never knows.

I'm tired tonight since I cut back on my coffee consumption (as of yesterday) and because I think I have been drinking too much of it and thought it was part of a little problem I have had. But tomorrow, I am going back to drinking it like I always do. It hasn't made a difference, and no I have not had any headaches, but I am tired and not real nice (at least at home) so it just ain't worth it! And I like my coffee!

So whatever is going on inside me is just gonna have to live with the coffee cause it is not going away!

Today was the first Tuesday of the Winter Knitting Club during lunch at work. Two showed up, one without her knitting and the other a short timer because in a few weeks Leslie will be not working on Tuesdays. She will be there on Fridays though which will be fun. We started the Winter Knitting Club because of a suggestion that we do one. I said what the heck, I usually sit in the Student Lounge anyway during the winter and I might just as well talk knitting and maybe encourage others to learn how to knit or further their skills. I hope it picks up as others see us knitting. As each person came in with their lunch today, I asked them if they brought their knitting (even of those I knew were not game) but you never know when someone will respond with a yes! Especially when they see how much fun we have!

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