Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm milkin this birthday for as long as I can. These were gifts from my comrads at work. My secret pal sent me the caribe blue bath sfuff (she just got my name the day before my birthday) and Shelley, my co-worker in Purchasing bought me the portable beach and the candle so that this winter I can imagine I am there. Brenda, one of our traveling companions bought me the "Trip Money" Bank to save $ for my 2007 trip (hopefully). Kathy who used to work with me in Purchasing bought me the high heeled flip flop and Maria gave me my own street sign, Penny Lane. Do these people know me? I am so lucky to have them to work with! Stay tuned for my birthday that lasts and lasts.

I love it! Who says birthdays aren't fun when you get older??

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