Saturday, November 12, 2005

Today was the Womens Lifestyle Event in Peoria.

My lia sophia group had a table and we worked shifts. I had the first shift with a couple of other gals from our group. Did not book any parties or take any orders, but we had a lot of women go through who signed up for a chance at winning the Sea Grass Set. Hopefully, there will be some new names to go after for future shows and jewelry sales.

But the funny thing about Lifestyles Event is that there tons of vendors there. And of course from a far what do you think I saw?? YARN, yes Yarn. I had finished my shift and was just going to look a bit before heading home. I was suppose to go yarn shop hopping with a friend from work after Lifestyles, but we were short handed in the booth so I worked longer and told her to go without me. Anyway, back to the YARN. It was from a shop over in Bloomington called The Fiber Shop. It is in her home, and is by appointment only, but she is having a sale on December 2nd and 3rd that is not by appointment! Might have to do a little yarn shop hopping on those days.

She has some different stuff and had some knit items for sale today which were fun to look at. Some great felted flowers, that I just have to try. Her daughter had a Noro ribbed capelet (yes, I had to buy the book), I liked it better than the previous one I made. The neck of the one her daughter was modeling was not as high up as this one pictured, which would be nice to try. The Noro book had some other interesting sweaters in it so it was worth the look see.

And of course, I had to buy yarn and it is for a scarf but it is really soft. The scarf is a ribbed scarf with a cable down it. Can't wait to wind it up and then start it too... but tonight we have to go to celebrate my birthday one more time. What I really wouldn't mind is just putting my sore foot up (I'll tell you about that tomorrow unless it is a fond memory. BUT, BACK to the is one of my favorite colors, can you guess what one?

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