Friday, November 25, 2005

I Had A Great Thanksgiving, How About You?

We had a great day at the inlaws. Good food, the family was there, played some cards, won some prizes and knit a little on the scarf for Betty's birthday. Came home had wine and cheese, sat with the t.v. on the candles lit and slept in the chair. All was perfect.

The day started off great. Wednesday night, after posting I sat down in my chair, with my blankee and some coffee. I was all settled in and noticed that Betty's scarf was across the room as well as my glasses. I was hoping for telekinetic powers to make them come over to me. They didn't! So I looked down in the basket sitting next to me and saw the tunic with the un-finished last sleeve just looking back at me. So I figure, what the heck, I'll knit on it until the coffee is gone in my cup and when I get up, I'll get the scarf and glasses and knit on it. Well, I did eventually get up to get more coffee, but I just kept right on knitting on the tunic sleeve. And on Thursday, I got up before everyone else (I love doing this),watched the Today Show and QVC, drank some coffee and finished the tunic. I was so proud of myself! It's done! 14 Balls of Debbie Bliss Aran Yarn later (I have one whole ball left) The pattern is a combo of Carol Anderson's Wallaby and Tunic Sweater pattern.

What am I doing today? Shopping via QVC (already bought myself something), knitting in my chair and drinkin coffee. Sure, I'll do a little laundry and I want to do a little lia sophia shopping for others for Christmas, but other than that, I am a chair potato today!

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