Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

It is said that what you do on New Year's Day, you will do all year! Last New Years Day, we spent it at the hospital and I spent part of the day with my friends Knitting. That is just about how our year went too!

Today, I spent the time with friends again knitting. It was such a nice afternoon. I have great friends! And tonight, I will spend it with family. That is how I want to spend 2006 too!

As you know, I am a List Maker! So, you would not be surprised to know that I have New Year's Resolutions. My New Year's resolutions always contain the same thing, eat right, lose a little weight and this year really progress the walk to running! But, I also do Knit New Year Resolutions and it seems they too stay the same but vary in content on occasion. January 1st always for me signals that I should be working on my Spring/Summer so I can actually wear it when the warm weather finally appears. But, this year I think I am going to stray from this thought. And NOT knit on any Spring/Summer. How about I just knit on winter stuff so I have it done come next Fall/Winter! After all, I have a lot more $$ tied up in warm yarns than I do in Summer. The warm yarns take up a whole lot more room than my Spring ones. They maybe take up a couple of drawers as opposed to the wools that would probably take a room and a garage!

So, here is my 2006 Knit New Years Resolutions:
1. Work on Fall/Winter 2006
2. Pre-Knit Camp Project - Meg's Cardigan from Cardigan Details
3. Philosopher's Wool Sweater! Completed! I mean it!
4. WIPS that are sitting in this basket I bought at the Civic Center in the Summer of 2004. That basket would look really cool with Yarn in it!
5. Socks (done before the holiday that they are being given for) Maybe a pair a month, so I can actually have more than two pair to wear myself
6. Destash, thereby saving some $, gaining some room for the completed sweaters
7. Buy a lotto ticket at least once a month, so I can have someplace to store all my yarn or a place to put new yarn and have Knit Nights.

That's it, just a short list...Funny, in 2004 I blogged that I wanted to knit more socks and finish some WIPS.

Knit On!

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