Sunday, January 29, 2006

Non-Yarn Enhancement

Several weeks ago, I felt the need to buy knitting related stuff. And because on a weekly basis I get the Threadbear Fiberarts weekly email from Rob, I felt the need to buy some stuff. Rob and Matt are so easy to work with. I tell them what I want, they ship it to me(they have my cc info on file), it comes within about a week. So here is some stuff I just had to have and NOTE, no yarn!

On the far left is the blocking board kit I ordered. I think it will drape over either my dining room table when I need it to, and I have this fold out huge cutting table from my sewing days, that it will be perfect on once I have a room just for knitting.

I finally broke down and bought myself some Denise Extenders. A year ago I bought some as holiday presents for some knit friends. I thought it was time I got some after recently having to piece about three shorter ones together.

Okay, some would say I just bought these for the cool colors of the containers, but check the little guy out.

And finally, in the bunch is Barry Klein's new book. Now, one would think after the Maggie book and the Cascade book, that I would learn my lesson and NOT buy sight unseen just because I happen to like the writer/yarn. But, at first look at my new book, I certainly had thumped myself a couple of times! But now after looking at a couple of the garments, it might just hold some promise, with Yarn Substitutions!

I'll show you more on that later in the week. I am hoping to just check out Hobby Lobby and Michael's in the next week to see what great substitutions they might have. Oh that might mean, yarn purchases, maybe I should just let my fingers do the searching from home and make a note for future shopping excursions.

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