Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm Still Here!

I am still alive and knitting. I just can't show you anything yet. But next week I will have a couple of things finally to show. Once those are done, I am not sure what is jumping up to the top of the list of knitting.

Have To/Want To? I need to get back to Twisted Sisters Pyth Jacket. It is at the point that I am going to join one of the sleeves to the back and see how the increasing I have done looks. That will be the do or die point. Looks good? I will continue. Doesn't look good? It will be ripped out just part way on both the back and front and I will do what I did before, add bands on sleeves and body.

It's funny. When you finish a project that needs to be done, it's difficult sometimes to decide whats next. I don't dare start a brand new project do I? Not with all that is sitting there waiting to be finished. I am proud of myself. I did turn down a trip to a yarn shop tomorrow. So I must be showing some restraint. One can only show so much though!

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