Monday, January 16, 2006

HB and Thank You!

Cause it means I get one more day off. And then it is a long haul until Memorial Day. The sun is shining and it is going to be almost 50 degrees. In a little while, I am going to get dressed with running shoes on and take a little jaunt. It's time to start the training again so that by the time Spring Building Steam gets here, I'll be ready.

The nice thing about having a Monday off with nothing I absolutely have to do is that I get to stay up late on the Sunday before and sleep in. Which I did.

I am working on the second sleeve of the Pyth Jacket. I knitted on the first sleeve on Saturday night to see how the length was going to be before I ventured on to the 2nd sleeve. After one false start (I got 1/2 way with it before I discovered that it was at the wrong section of the back. I had to take it out, put some stitches back on the yarn holders and progressed on.

Then around midnight, trying to see where it hung on my back and sleeve turned me into a contortionist (something I can now add to my resume). You see everyone was either in bed or working, so I finally measured the sleeve against the first (just about 1/4 inch longer), okay I can live with that. And then I just said what the hell (it's my blog, I can say that), I am going with it on faith. It will fit! Or I'll have a really expensive new sweater to keep me warm when I sit knitting at night in my t-shirt and jammies.

Now, that I've posted for today, I am off to sit in my chair, drink some coffee, and knit! I feel like a kid today, all giddy and everything. The sun is shining and I'm out of school doin what I love!

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