Monday, January 02, 2006

Do You See A Trend Here?

Last night when I was spreading my shawl out on the floor for blocking, I realized that three of the projects I am working on involve Garter Stitch. No wonder, I was thinking I need a change in projects! I think I got the garter stitch thing. I need a little change. Going back to work tomorrow will be a start. I actually will be dressed by this time tomorrow. UGH!

Last night when I was reading a couple of blogs and checking out their Knit Resolutions, I discovered that alot of knitters have the same ones as I do. One had in particular the word FOCUS that stuck in my mind. I need to focus on my knitting. I usually knit on one thing at work, another on knit night and maybe yet another at home. I think maybe I'll try focusing on one project in all places and see how much quicker it is completed.

Yesterday, Val asked me how many sweaters I knit in a year. You know I honestly don't know. I keep track of what I finish, but I couldn't say how many I actually knit last year. I have so many WIPS that some of them are completed. At the end of this year, I want to say I finished __ sweaters/socks etc. I want to have new stuff to wear and I want to wear them more. And I don't want to be weighed down by what I have but what I want.

FOCUS! My Knit Word for 2006

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