Saturday, January 28, 2006

I Am Officially Alive!

And how do I know that? Despite the head full and the cough that would say otherwise, I actually knitted last night from my chair. I probably stayed up too late (another sign) and this morning I feel good enough to sit at the computer and type a bit. I think if it wasn't raining I could even tolerate the sunshine.

I have lots I wanted to blog about last week, but I will just have to do it this week.

This stuff has been some real junk and maybe because I am getting alittle older (gasp) and maybe because I have not been 100% and not been out walking in months, perhaps it has hit a little harder. There was a time yesterday, when I was just plain pissed about all of it! I figure there are people who have to deal with alot more than I have lately and they do it with grace and I could learn a little something from them.

Anyway, I just have to tell you all abouthow great my sons Roger and Willie are.

Last week, Willie who also has not felt well and still doesn't today after a trip to the doctor, went out twice to the store for stuff for me and Roger. One night after working til 9 he went back out and picked up Vicks for Roger and I to use on our chests (my mother's remedy for everything). This after not feeling well, and just wanting to fall into bed and working, he trudged out to the store for us!

And about 2:30 this morning, when I had a coughing fit on the couch that just would not end, Roger came out and asked if his mom was okay. He proceeded to bring me a glass of water. He knew just what I wanted and then sat there talking to me for while the fit proceeded to go away and I felt better.

Through the rest of the early morning hours when the cough would come back, I would reach for the water and think how lucky I am to have such great kids! Which makes me think at this writing, that I should be a better daughter to my mother. I guess sometimes we can learn from our children.

Have a great day, I'm going to!

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