Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Am Defecting (Temporarily)

I am joining the Knitting Olympics. And Team Wales has accepted me as a member of their team. The qualifications are many, but you only have to have a least one. I qualify on a couple of them: me, I have always wanted to visit Wales, I have a fondness for sheep (at least their fur) and daffodils, and I know where Wales actually is.

And I think I have narrowed my project down to this poncho that I purchased last year at SMW.

The deal with the Knitting Olympics is to cast on during the Opening Ceremonies and have the project completely finished by the closing ceremonies. Since I watch the Olympics as much as I can when its on and it is such great knitting background, I thought what the heck. I'll push myself and maybe finish something out of the stash to boot. Just imagine, casting on at the same time the rest of the world is. Well, maybe not the world, but a few thousand out of the knitting world. What fun!

More info can be found at: www.cast-on.com/teamwales.htm

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