Sunday, January 08, 2006

Back From lia sophia Success Camp

I went on a quick trip to Chicago on Friday and back last night from lia sophia Success Camp. This is a mini training camp. I had other committments this weekend, the tall guy's birthday, and I just have a ton of stuff to do. So I didn't stay for the entire camp. Deb and Kathy indulged me and came back too so we could all ride together. Bless them both, cause they put up with my stupid ongoing problem and listened to me bitch about it almost the whole time! It kicked in full force on Friday morning and just did not want to settle down totally the whole time. I hate it when I just can't eat and drink whatever I want!

Anyway, away from that. The nice thing is Deb drove up and so I could knit all the way up and back. I finally decided on some scarves that are easy to work on without much thought. So over the course of the day I finished both of these.
A strand of Poof and a strand of Encore Bulky. The really neat part- Deb has started knitting and brought her Eyelash yarn and needles. We sat and knit not only Friday night in our room but during the boring awards stuff yesterday morning. You would not believe how quickly the time past and how many noticed us knitting! I usually always take a sock along to knit on, but end up not taking it out cause I didn't feel comfortable doing it. I guess it helped having somebody else also sitting there knitting. But in the future, that is not going to stop me!

I got to see the new jewelry on Friday night! It is so much better to see it in person then just in the catalog. Can't wait to get it and start selling it! I' m ready!

I took tomorrow off to do a ton of running: Post Office, Walmart, Staples, Bergners and I need to drop a customer's special order off! I got $ for Christmas and I have decided to shop for a small piece of luggage on wheels for these overnight or weekend trips. I think a nice Caribe blue is in order! So, I'll shop for that too. Such a full day, but sometimes it is just necessary to take care of those piddly things.

Cool thing for tonight! Our regular scheduled Sunday night t.v. programming is back with new episodes of The West Wing, Desparate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy is BACK! Great knitting time! Plus I don't have to work tomorrow! I love Sundays when Monday is not a REAL workday!

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