Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to Chicago for a lia sophia camp. On the way up and on the way back on Saturday, I should have 3 hoursish each way of knitting time in the daylight, as I am not driving.

So, as I get my stuff all laid out on the table what do you think is upper most in my mind? What to jewelry to wear? Yes. Have I got warm enough stuff to wear? Yes, I think so but I will add my sittin around sox in the morning. Will my stomach behave? It better or I'll slap it with some Imodium!

But the most important thing on my mind like all good knitters is what am I going to knit on? I should knit on a pair of sox. They are nice and portable, but is the car the best place to be knitting on them? I can take the shawl I am working on because it could keep me warm and I'll maybe get it close to done. I could also knit on the scarf that I am knitting on. Should I take all three? Isn't that a little overkill? There is no way I am going to get the sox all the way done! Doesn't that look like I am going for a week instead of overnight?

I think I'll hide them in my suitcase then no one will know and just haul the shawl with me! Yes, I am taking a suitcase. I know it's just overnight, but it will look much better just wheeling one small suitcase in to the Hyatt rather than 3 bags and small cooler. Just kidding about the cooler!

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