Friday, July 27, 2007

Show And Tell, page1

Char put it quite well, when you see everything that campers show, it kind of intimidates you. Me, I am in my garter stitch phase, and so I brought my Suspender Sweater. Not nearly as wow, as everything else I saw....but it makes your creative juices flow. Here is today's sampling of Show and Tell.

Here is Jodee in a beautiful shawl in my kind of green. I think the yarn was Kidsilk Haze. If she would have left in laying around, I would have had it in my bag in a New York minute. Well, maybe not, because, that is just not a knitter. Knitters go off and buy the yarn so they can make their own. Okay, so this goes out there on the list to investigate the yarn(at a future date, like in a year)

But of course, I would like this shawl. It has all of my colors and will be the thought process for a future project for me. Can't you just see Elizabeth's Pi Shawl with all the colors of the sea in shetland? Ooh, I can!

Pam in her Mimbres vest. This is on my list to make. Pam sat across from me at camp and was so sweet to worry about us driving home. Aren't knit campers the nicest people!

Oh, no, this is not all of the pictures of Show and Tell. You are going to have to endure a couple more days of Show and Tell. And then there are more Camp stories to be told and pictures from the album to be shown.

After all, it is my blog, you know.

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Nancy said...

More! More! More! I just love show and tell! And stories. And motivation. (My poor Mimbres has been languishing while I finish other projects...)