Tuesday, July 03, 2007

You Just Would Not Believe

What I have been knitting on these past few days. I'm like a knitting fiend. I flit from project to project, throwing nearly finished ones on the table only to take them off again when it is time to eat.

I've knitted just a bit on the Adult Surprise Jacket. Found some Brown Sheep that I want to get rid of that will do just nicely.

I have been knitting steady (but getting no where) on the cardigan that was going to be a dropped shoulder Norwegian cardigan, but now I am going to use some leftovers from the Babies and Bears Sweater to do a Round Yoke cardigan.

I have re cast on and re cast on the Russian Prime and am now 6 rows into it. I have told myself that I MUST knit 2 rows a day on it. Which means, shut the t.v. off and knit.

I have knitted some on the Cuff to Cuff Sweater.

I have not knit on the Pi Are Square Shawl. I have not knit on any socks. I have not once got on the treadmill or paid attention to what I have been eating. I have surfed the net and read blogs and half listened to podcasts. I have found a couple of sweaters I'd like to make, but have talked myself out of. I have thought knitting, slept knitting and just plain had a ball!

I love being off.

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