Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where Do I Begin?

At the end....here is what is on my table after unpacking from Camp. Doesn't look like a whole heck of alot, but trust me it is. Two buns of Unspun Icelandic. Just add water and they become a sheep. Or add knitting needles and they become 4 or 5 sweaters.
The other yarn is what I took with me. And as you can see, most of it came back with me. Except for the one skein of Gansey in the foreground. I got it to do the Bavarian Twist Hat handout we got at Camp. I, probably should have been knitting on it this weekend, but Char and I decided to work on the RibWarmer.

Pictures of that project will come in the days to come. At the moment, I am working from three different sources on the RibWarmer, and attempting to write my own up as it makes sense to me. I intend on making at least one more of these in the near future, but first am testing it out to see how I like it.

And of course, I had the bestest two campmates - Char and Linda. We had joining rooms, which was so nice, and when we were done camping for the night. I could shut the door, stay up as late as I wanted and get up early if I wanted to. I like having my own room, I have decided.

Back to work tomorrow, I'd rather be getting ready for camp. Isn't that what every camper says? I met some really nice ladies this weekend and hope to see them all again next year. In the days to come, I'll post some pics.

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