Monday, July 02, 2007

The T.V. Is Off

Normally, I knit by the t.v. But, today is my day, and I shut it off, except for the times I want to look at a Schoolhouse Press DVD for reference. I am working on knitting thngs that require concentration today.....but my mind keeps wandering to other projects. FOCUS, Penny, FOCUS!

You know how it is when you complete a major sweater and then you sit and veg for awhile, trying to decide what you really want to knit on next. Thats me. I am flitting from project to project. No, thats not what I want to knit on, no not that one, put it in the tote for after Knit Camp, or maybe I better take it with me, just in case the bug hits me.

See what I mean! You'd think I'd been drinking caffeine and eating chocolate....hey, that's not a bad idea. No, no, today is the start of another new week for weight watchers, must FOCUS! Off to knit...on something.

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Nancy said...

i like 'your' new look! Happy 4th!