Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2.75 Is The Place For Me (to the tune of Green Acres)

I don't want to pump it up tooooo much, because then everyone will want to go and maybe I won't get in. But, it truly is the camp for me/us. At the end of the new format of camp we were not near as tired as in past camps.

Camp ended on Sunday night with a pizza party. The classroom and shop were open the whole time and even on Monday morning. We stayed and talked for a long time with Martha which was so enjoyable in itself. She had stories that transported you back in time. Frankly, I could have heard more!

On Monday morning we had brunch together at a semi leisurely pace. It gave us time to just down shift before taking off for home. We checked out with Schoolhouse Press. The ladies brought our purchases in on Sunday afternoon, so there wasn't any rush like there usually is on Monday to soak up the last minutes of camp, check out with Schoolhouse Press, and the hotel itself. That in itself is usually so tiring. And there was not the usual popping up of campers to leave.

With Monday morning brunch, it got us on the road earlier, which got us home by dinner time. There still was time left to unpack and relax IF I would have had to go back to work.

Now, already as always, we are looking forward to next year's 2.75 and hoping we can get in again with this wonderful bunch of campers. More about them all tomorrow. It's back to work for me today.

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