Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Love The Day After

I have got in the habit of always taking the day before and the day after a trip off. The day before to get packed and kind of calm down before the excitement of going somewhere. The day after to finish unpacking and unwind.

I especially like the day after camp. It gives me a chance to see what I bought, wind some yarn, look up some things on the internet that I took notes on at Camp and think where my knitting is going to go after seeing so many unbelievable knits at Camp. My god, I need to live til I am 200 to do it all!

But, first I am going to start with my newly acquired stash. The great thing about camp is it is okay to take a sack of yarn from the table one day and return it the next. Take it to your table, fondle it, dream about what it will be and generally just kick it around with my campmates as to whether it will look good in what I think it should be when it grows up.

So, what's on this table?
New Books - Latvian Mittens and Heirloom Knitting. Every year when I go to camp, I pick this book up and think about getting it. It is quite expensive, but hey, what the heck I am with worth it.

A new format of pattern from Schoolhouse Press. This one has the Ribwarmer on it. I have the Woolgathering with it, but since this is their first pattern in this format, I just had to have it. Plus it shows some technique on it.

2 skeins of Cheryl Oberle's yarn - there is enough for the garter vest from her Folk Shawls book or a garter stitch shawl. At the moment, I am leaning towards the vest, especially since I acquired a new shawl pin this year. (another one of those things I keep looking at every year.

One of the new colors of unspun in yellow. I bought a bun of purple too, but it is in the car already to take to Knit Nite on Thursday. Char and I are going to undo it and her purple that she bought and we are going to share the bun. The yellow, purple, green and some red that Char has is going to be a shawl.

The two small skeins of Shetland are for the stash. The purple WAS going to be a shetland shawl, but after swatching it, I decided I really wasn't all that fond of it, so I went back and got the Turquoise instead. The white is for the stash for maybe some mittens out of it and the left over Turquoise that I am sure there will be.

The last but not least is part of what I am currently working on, Chianti Ultra Alpaca. Cheryl Oberle gave us the pattern and Marge gave us the variation on it and both Linda and I casted on it while at Camp. I am working on mine and will show it later this week.

And finally, my new Camp bag. Every year we get one and I love this one.
I could have kept going buying and buying and I do have a list for future purchases, but for the moment I "have" to make some money for now.

Suffice it to say, it is now once to start focusing on where I am going with my knitting (I do this every year), but really mean it this time. I have to stop flitting around and being so fickle as to what I am doing.

I am sorry to be done with camp for the year, but happy to be home surrounded by my yarn and books and now can really formulate on the plan of attack. Tomorrow, it's back to work but with a Focus.

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