Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July Memories

We had a great 4th yesterday. Maybe because it was Friday and knowing we had two more days left with no work, maybe it is the thought that after two more days of work next week, I am off for a week and going to camp, but whatever the reason it was a great day.
Ever since we stopped getting together with the tall guys family on the 4th (more about that later), we have been having my mom and aunt over for 4th of July chicken on the grill at noontime.

They are both alone, so they come over. The tall guy grills, my aunt always brings brownies for the boys, my mom brings the green beans. They stay and we sit around the table and let them talk. They are a hoot, because at times they are just like sisters and we have to jokingly get them to stop fighting!

This year we were missing a son, but it was still a great time. They leave around four and then we have the whole evening to ourselves. I knitted and watched the NCIS marathon. I finally got to see what happened to Kate. I packed a bit for knit camp, looking seriously at what books I have to take and what projects and extra yarn are absolutely necessary.

Years ago, when all of the kids were young, we would get together in the evening for dinner and then go to the fireworks out to the park. The kids would sit on a blanket and all of the adults were in their lawn chairs in the stadium. We would take snacks and have a night of it and then fight the traffic out. But, as the neices got older and then the boys we stopped doing that.

One 4th I spent it at Meg's Knit Camp #1. That, I believe was my first knit camp at the old hotel. We had sparkelers and I had a magnificent time.

Then came the tradition of having it with my aunt and mom. My aunt remarked once how the 4th was the most difficult times for her since her husband passed away back in the 70's. So, once we figured what the heck and the tradition is a standing one. Unless she hears differently, we have the same fare every year.

This year was a nice one and since she is going to be 89 this year (hard to believe) I hope we have many more to come with her. It wouldn't be the same without the sisters!

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