Friday, July 25, 2008

I've Just Got A Couple

of days worth of Camp Posts and then we'll be done for another year! I'll find another thing to post ad nauseum on for the daily readers.

Martha and her rats. Now, those who work with me know that I hate rodents! They give me the willies, but still I had to take pictures of Martha and her pieces. They give me the willies too, but show and tell is show and tell

Jennie the Potter and herFebruary Lady Sweater. I saw one of these on Ravelry and downloaded the instructions and it sits in my list of want tos. I have the perfect cotton yarn for it. Maybe for next Summer!

And then there is Al. The camp photographer. He takes pictures of everythihg AND I do mean everything. Even of what we are having for lunch. Then he sends us all a CD with the pictures on it.

What a group!

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