Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I've Ripped

At least a year ago, I thought I had my Around the Bend all knitted up. Then, I discovered the two pieces did not meet up in the back. I started to scrutinized it and discovered the half with the vent just did not look right.

So, I decided to rip that part back. Trust me, no small feat! You don't just rip the thing back. Finally, after spending most of tonight trying to rip it back I took the scissors to it.

Good thing I have extra yarn. I've left the other half unripped and will see if my thought of it being the vent flap that was off all along. I am going to now start back at the sleeve and knit from there.

Out comes the video again and I will have the other half next to me at all times to make sure it matches up with it's mate. Meg was right this very well could send one around the bend.

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