Friday, August 29, 2008

Four Day Weekend

It was so smart of me to take an extra day with the four day weekend. If I was working today, I would be hating myself.

Instead, I am sittin drinkin my coffee this morning and working on a few swatches. Last week, in our goodie bag from Ewe-nique Yarns were these two cards with yarn from their Yarn Tasting. Both kind of intrigued me for a couple of projects that have been stirrin in my head. Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater and an Adult Babies Surprise or Tomten in a tweedy yarn.

This first is a cotton and I think it will be okay. Definitely, I will have to go WAYYYYY up on the needle for the opaque section because I want more open than I got with the size 5 and 9 here. I am giving serious thought to going over to Morton this morning and perhaps I will just see what colors this comes in. This sweater is not on the top of my list right now, maybe for next Spring wearing.

You cannot tell from this pic, but this is way too fuzzy for what I want for the Surprise or Tomten. Again, neither of these are urgent to be made so I'll keep searchin.

And finally, I am working on swatches from my Malabrigo. A texture stitch is just not going to show up with the darkness of this yarn. I really want to knit it up fairly quickly in case I failed to buy enough. Then, I can give my new best yarn shop friends in Memphis, Yarniverse a call, and get some more before it is gone.

So far, it has been a good first few hours of a nice long weekend. I'm havin fun!

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