Monday, August 25, 2008

The Olympics Are Over

What shall I watch? What shall I knit on?

Since I did not finish my Pi Shawl (and did not receive any medal) I will be working on it, but that is sitting in a small time out for a couple of days. Right now, I am trying to decide what to do. I spent the bus ride on Saturday working on my adaptation of a cardigan.

I'm not 100% sold on it yet. The pattern calls for it to be knit and pieces and in keeping with my "sew as little as I have to" I decided to knit it back and forth. I could have put a steek in, but really did not want to mess with that either. Linda talked me into knitting the front ribs with separate needles. I, as she would verify, I'm still not sold on it.

For me, it lessens the fluidity of the knitting. I kicked and screamed all the way and back to Stitches doing it. Yesterday, after taking it off the needles, I wrapped it around me, and decided it really could do with a few more stitches. And I am contemplating knitting the front ribs with the same needle as the body. Linda, sorry bout that.

But, then on Saturday at Stitches, I found this pattern. And I am seriously giving some thought on using my Cascade 220 for it.

Tomorrow, Stitches Midwest report #1.

You won't believe what I did.

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Nancy said...

About the only thing I wouldn't believe you did would be if you wouldn't buy a thing! Otherwise, I'll just enjoy hearing about it!